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Tamás Herczeg,

director, Szeged Open Air Festival


Current operation of the Open Air Festival

Due to its production repertoire, architectural setting and extraordinary atmosphere, the Szeged Open Air Festival is unique in Europe. In a contemporary sense, the Festival is a business enterprise: the high-level attraction draws tourists and brings income to the local service sector, all the while strengthening the city's reputation.

Rediscovery is the central concept in the thinking behind the European festival scene. The general conviction – in cultural policy as well as in the entire theatre profession – is that the courage of the festival director and artistic intention bring about lasting success for music festivals. They boldly present contemporary productions and rediscover forgotten works, even if this comes with a certain risk.

The Szeged Open Air Festival's program offerings are in line with the European trend, while the Festival's management is working hard to find the balance between its cultural mission and the expectations of its actual audience. To this end, continual audience polling has been carried out since 2004, and the results of these polls form the foundation of the Festival's operational strategy.


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06. | 16.

Jerry Herman – Harvey Fierstein, Jean Poiret színdarabja alapján

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06. | 28., 29.

Bess Wohl



07. | 12., 13.