Kérdőív Jegyvásárlás

Árpád Marton,


People's theatre with popular operas
- Rock Operas and musicals at the Dom square –

Popular musical plays are performed at Szeged Open Air Festival since Ferenc Fricsay – whose centenary is to be celebrated this year – conducted János vitéz (Warrior John) by Pongrác Kacsoh first time in 1937. After an American show of West Side Story in 1965 on tour rock operas and musicals finally settled on the stage in 1984 with Stephen, the king. Its success involved many more sensational musical premières at Dóm Square: the first East-European Jesus Christ Superstar in 1986 and the open-air world première of Les Miserables in 1987 gave a new tradition to the festival, which nowadays presents musicals, operas, operettas and rock operas as well every year. The different genres of the contemporary musical shows raise the question: which are the ones of the literature worthy of being played at Klebelsberg's square, on the largest festival scene of Central Europe.


További előadásaink

Tim Rice - Andrew Lloyd Webber

Jézus Krisztus Szupersztár


07. | 02., 03., 04., 09., 10.

Magyar Állami Népi Együttes


néptánc, koncert

07. | 23.

Juhász Levente - Szente Vajk - Galambos Attila

Puskás, a musical


07. | 17., 18.