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Gábor Horváth (PhD),



Votive symbolism of the Szeged Dome and Square

After the flood of 17 March in 1879 the king, Franz Joseph visited Szeged and said Szeged will be more beautiful than before! The citizens of the city decided to build a church as well, the construction of which started in 1913. Nobody suspected at that time that we would be the losers of the world war, nor that a counter-revolutionary government would be formed by Miklós Horthy. All publications about the Dome explain the votive title of the building solely by the flood of 1879, while the church and the square contain many national symbols that are related to elements of the crowning and vow taking ceremonies of the Hungarian kings. The purpose of this lecture is to present the characteristics of the church and the square and to interpret their symbols.


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